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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Human Resource Management is

We have defined the human resource and now its need to define the term human resource management. Management specialists have defined human resource management as below.

"The Process of analyzing and managing an organizations human resources needs to ensure satisfaction of its strategic objectives”
-Management –Hellriegel/Slocum

“The policies and practices involved in carrying out the ‘people’ or human resources aspects of a management position, including recruiting, screening, training and appraising.”
-Human resource management –Gray Dessler

We can mention a business approach for the definition of human resource management as follows.

"a model of personnel management that focuses on the individual rather than taking a collective approach. Responsibility for human resource management is often devolved to line management. It is characterized by an emphasis on strategic integration, employee commitment, workforce flexibility, and quality of goods and services."

Also, it has defined as "All methods and functions concerning the mobilization and development of personnel as human resources, with the objective of efficiency and greater productivity in a company, government administration, or other organization." too.

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