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Monday, September 28, 2009

Human Resource Planning

A HR manager of an organization is responsible for the carder plan for the organization mainly. Evaluate the needs of labor for the operating sections such as production, administration; sales etc is a sub task of a HR department. There are some of carder planning methods are available and it will be discussed in the coming posts.
So there will be an only introduction part here.

Human Resource Planning is defined as “The development of a comprehensive staffing strategy for meeting the organizations’ future human resource needs” (Gluick)

Also it has defined as “Work force planning places the right people at the right place at right time, with the right skills and education to need the organizations’ strategic plan and objectives” (Ghame & Benet)

As defined in above statements, the HR department should coordinate the labor demand and the supply of the organization. For that coordination they should follow some evaluation methods and processes, which are operating in monthly basis (usually) to make sure that the organization has the optimum work force for getting work done.

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