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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Induction is the process of receiving and welcome newly joined employees to the organization. The process of induction helps fresh employees to adapt to the company and provides the basic information they need to settle down quickly and happily and start work with in short period of time in the company. After recruitment of new employee the induction is very important, because it helps new employee to adapt to the organizational culture, teams, groups and all the dimensions of the company. Goals of the induction program are;

  • Smoothing primary stages of the new employee to reduce unfamiliar and strangeness of him or her as soon as possible
  • Reduce probability of employee leaving quickly just after joining the company
  • To gain optimum and effective output from the new employee in a short period of time after join
  • To establish favorable attitudes to the company in the mind of new employee
Proper induction program is important to the company,
  • To reduce the cost of early leavers
  • To increase the employee commitment to the company
  • To build up better psychological contract between employee and the organization
  • To socialize the new employee with existing community in organization in short period
  • To accelerate the learning capability of new employee
  • To make a good image and confidence about the company and job
Induction program can start with the station of reception. Reception is the first place which meets to the new employee. After join with new company the next step of induction is documentation. Documentation may include issuing various documents to the employee and receiving various documents from the employee such as police reports, copies of experience letter and qualifications, tax forms from previous employer etc. Company will provide documents such as introduction about the company –including management, employee hand book, general rules and regulations, working hours, health and safety procedures, general idea of disciplinary procedures, promotional procedures, company map to understand such places as wash rooms, canteen and leave procedures etc. to the new employee. Also induction program will provide introduction to the workplace, to the teams, supervisors and subordinates and co-workers etc.

There are about 3 types of induction in many companies. Those are,

  • Formal induction – This is a well-planned induction program the company present to new employees. This could include presentations, lectures and visits for the departments of company with a mentor or responsible person. Most of the times these programs are conducted when recruiting a group of new employees to the company. This induction programs may contain information of the organization, learning arrangement and opportunities, performance evaluation and management process, pay and benefits, company policies, trade unions, conditions of service, hierarchy and reporting system of the company etc. 
  • On the job induction training – most starters are receiving this type of induction training programs. This program may include special assignments, job skill analyzing events etc. This type of induction programs are conducting by group leaders or superiors of the new employee most of the times. This group leaders may well trained ones in the related tasks or areas and related departments. Helps of colleagues and mentors will be provided whenever it needs.   
  • Informal induction – usually this type of inductions are provided to the employee without any authority, but humanity. This type of inductions will be provided by co-workers work with the company and most of times they will provide the information about the company and management, and about some procedures, places and general stuff. This induction type could see in Asian and African  regions but may not in American and European regions.

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