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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

History of Human Resource Management

Organizations have many operational functions. HRD is one of the functions that is engaging with the tasks of an organization. In early 70 s there was no division called as Human Resource Department or Division. By that time there was only a division called "Personnel" engaged with the labor related in the organization.

Personnel Management was introduced by the end of 19th century. At that time, this was focused on the welfare of labors in the organizations. According to the tasks they have done, the officers at Personnel Department was called as "Welfare Officers". The special thing was, the employee welfare tasks were done by women at that time.

During the period of 1914-1939, many organizations has showed a quick growth and quick changes in needs and wants of the operations. Therefore the tasks done by women shifted to the men's, because of the complexity of tasks. These officers has called as "Labor managers" at that time.

After Second World War, during the period 1945 - 1979, this has grown up and changed to "Personnel Management", and Personnel Management was focus basically on employee administration and the legislation.

At late 70 s the economic of the world changed gradually and organizations started to consider labors work as an important resource. At the decade of 80 the concept of "Human Resource Management" was started and then it has shown growth gradually in decade of 1990. Finally the tasks and operations of personnel management was shifted to the Human Resource Management and it is functioning now in broad way in the organizations than Personnel Management.

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