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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recruitment Principles - Concept of Marriott’s Recruitment Principles for the modern world.

Marriott’s Recruitment Principles are most popular principle according to the recruitment in the modern world.

A new employee should hire friendly way and trains technically to have maximum performance of the employee. It is better to hire people with the spirit to serve and train them to work than hire people who know business and try to teach them to enjoy serving guests. A manager should hire a driver who loves to drive safely and who loves to keep the vehicle clean. This is teaching that this approach works both for delivering excellent service and fro retaining their employees.

The main concern is should be the total compensation. Money is needed to have, but it is not the top concern of a person. But intangible factors taken together, such as work life balance, leadership quality, opportunity for advancements, work environment, and training far outweigh money in their decisions to stay or leave. To organization, there should have less number of pay matters and more period of work with the organization. From flexible schedules to tailored benefit packages and development opportunities are built systems to address these non monetary factors.

Caring bottom line of the organization is to have for a developing organization. When employees come to work they should feel safe, secure and welcome at the work place. Committed associates are less likely to leave, and associate work commitment is one of the key drivers of guest satisfaction. Managers are accountable for associate satisfaction rating and for turn over rates. It is very good to have, associates meetings about 15 minutes in every day to discuss the matters faced on previous day or the current day and to discuss the goals that has to achieve. This kind approaches of managers is helps to earn loyalty for the organization from each and every employee.

Promote employees when ever it is possible to do. By promoting current employees the organization will gain the loyalty of employee. An employee is a customer for the organization, especially for the department of Human resource. Therefore employee should treat well at all the times, when it can do. Promoting employees will make the chance to them to learn something new, and there fore their life will not be a stereotyped. The smooth changes in life are making them refresh and it will helps to them to reduce their stress while serving to the organization with high efficiency. Also, an opportunity for have a promotion will make an opportunity for has training. All this advancements are caused to make the decision in employees – to stay with the organization.

Build the Employment Brand is helps to have good attraction from job seekers. This concept is considering the employee as a most valuable thing in the organization, and this is same as customer attraction practicing in marketing management. If we are considering HRD as a service provider (as it is) then the customers will be employees. Appreciating care and service for the internal customers will make a good mouth of word regarding organization. It will not limit to the internal environment. It will go to the external environment and then jobs seekers will waiting till the organization advertise its vacancy. Potential employees are looking for great work experience when they shop for jobs. Communicating the promise of a great work experience is what employment branding is all about. The basement of this concept is, organizations most valuable resource is Human Resource, Human Capital, drives economic value for the company.

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