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Monday, October 11, 2010

Human Relationships

What is the relationship? A relationship is inter-connection between two people or more than that, according to interesting of any kind of common thing to both parties. Interesting about common thing is referring as plus relationship and not interesting or interesting to opposite things is referring as minus relationship. This may make a confusion in you, when you are considering about a relationship between man and women, who interesting to other party, as same as love affair- as happening in the common world as a negative relationship according to the above statement. But the answer is NO for that question created in your mind; because the common thing of that relationship is “interesting to the opposite sex”. So it became to plus relationship according to that statement.

Usually we are referring HR at this step as Human Resource. But it is good to thing it as well as Human Relationships. Human is a social animal. So human is always maintaining relationships from the very beginning- even before birth of a child, the child has relationship. Think! Child may not in the mothers’ womb, if there wasn’t any bisexual relationship between man and women.

Since the birth of a child, the very first relationship is with mother, because child may not survive without breast milk, as nature. Then the child is starting to build up relationships as you know- same as your childhood. When it comes to the social level, some external influences are affecting to the relationships of an individual. The purposes and events may differ from one to another, but the principle is same. As a social animal, human has many social inter relationships. When a child attending to the primary school, he or she may have friendships with other kids, also with teachers; that relationship is a result of one of social network of a human. When we jump to the elder age, from the childhood, the relationships may have huge variation- with superiors, with subordinates, with co-workers, with clients, with investors, with government etc. that is because of the modern human is working at a global society.
In this global society, to maintain personal relationships- HR skills will be very helpful. Because of, with that globalization, managing relationships may a difficult task at some times. Even that is difficult, it has to do.


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