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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Marketing and HR

As we discussed about some of HR functions operating in the firm, is not only the thing what we are practicing in day today life. In day to day life we have to manage many of relationships among people. For that part, we need marketing.

We all have management skills. If we haven’t that we wouldn’t be survive till you read this section and till I write these things. We have managed our lives till this time. We are looking for some more for the advance practice. In management concept we can not forget marketing for that end.

Let’s come back to the discussion what we had. Go to your little age and remind how you did introduce your self to others, when you have attended to the primary class. And again remind how you introduced your self to the others at high school. That may have many differences in the time to time. That is because of the marketing skills you have followed at above difference places.

As HRM you should have some marketing knowledge- its better to have 4 Ps’ or 7Ps’ in your mind. That is more than enough to practice HR marketing skills.

At the attraction of a new employee to the organization and as well market your self to the organization at an interview or promote organization at its outside, it some of the parts which using marketing at organization with HR. Rather than that, to whom we are marketing our self? Absolutely that is for the human beings. Then how we can think about marketing with out HR skills? We can’t.


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