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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hiring Process

The usual process of hiring is as below.
1) Preparation of appointment letter
2) Notification to appointees
3) At rejection appointment from the waiting list
4) Entering in to the contract of employment.

This basic process may change some times regarding to the organizations policies and practices. The hidden process of this hiring process is communication. Before preparation of appointment letter, appointee should aware about the organization and its process and little introduction about his/her job description. Some organizations are expecting hire a person at the end of interview, but the ethical way is organizations should give a chance to the candidate to decide and select if he/she has take the correct decision in the interview and the applying step. The perfect coordination between organization and the appointee is must in this step. Negotiations and clarifications may need at this step, because this is the beginning of a contract between organization and new employee.

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