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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Importance of Hiring a person for a job

Human resource planning focuses of knowing types and numbers of specific job vacancies. Carder plan is showing the work force need to the organization as mentioned above. After the planning when organizations decide to recruit new employees to the vacancies, the first step or recruitment is begin. Then as recruitment doing so, advertising vacancies on news papers, web sites and by using the functions using from organizations, are demanding for their workforce.

Recruitment focuses of seeking and receiving job applicants. After advertised the vacancies, usually organizations are receiving applications for the particular posts. As mention at the selecting process organizations have to select the best applicant suits for their vacancy. Selection focuses on choosing the right job applicants to fill the job vacancies. Until hiring is done there are no new employees placed on the jobs to perform relevant duties and responsibilities. It is essential to offer jobs to the relevant selected job candidates and invite them to the organization to commence the working. Otherwise there can not be consider, that there is having legal intention on the recruiting/ hiring a person for the organization. Offering and inviting occurs in hiring function.

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