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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Appointment Letter

Decision of selection and appointment is to be notified to the successful applicants/Appointees by the relevant authorized manager/officer on behalf of the organization. Generally here the relevant letter of appointment will be issued and sent by registered post/E-mail.

some organizations are not practicing posting appointment letter. There are contacting employee and fixed a date to come for the job and sign for the attachment letter and contract of employment at the same time employee starting his/her works at the organization.

There are 3 types of appointment letter in the work industry. Only two of them are important in the field of HRM. All types of appointment letters are as follows.

An appointment letter of mostly using is written to inform a person that he or she has been selected for a particular position in an organization.

A letter of appointment or letter of administration assigns estate executors or successors. They are also known as Letters Testamentary, giving legal authority to engage in probate actions on behalf of the deceased and/or the family.

Apart form the above in business field, business mans and top management using a kind of appointment- that is Business Appointment Letter. A business appointment letter is written to schedule a meeting for business purposes. Sender should mention the purpose for the meeting or any other event in the letter. And ensure to describe your expectations from the meeting.

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