Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice

Good for beginners,students,professionals,general public,contains management definitions,introduction,and process.includes organizational behavior,leadership,motivation,group dynamics,communication,stress management,interpersonal relations,personality development.HRM Planning,Recruitment,selection,job analysis,job enrichment,induction,performance management,training & development,training need analysis,industrial relations,health and safety,welfare and benefit,HR reports,conflict management

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Monday, October 12, 2009


When the organization recruits management trainees for their companies as just passed out graduates, they are not in the situation to manage their theory knowledge in practice at once. Lack of experience and application of theory knowledge for the right movement are basic reasons. So when company has recruited trainees for their processes, there should give training for them to adapt for new field easily such as human resources management. Trainees who successfuly developed are moved to the higher levels of responsibilities in an organization. But the investment of both parties- trainee and organization in this process is a waste for the both parties, when the trainee fails to develop.

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