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Friday, October 2, 2009

Step of Induction- at process of human resource management

After hiring new employees to the organization, they should be well understood and familiar with regard to organizational philosophies, goals and objectives, policies, procedures, rules and regulations and practices. It requires that a new employee is to be originated so as to suit the organization thought he/she is a well qualified and experienced person. This orientation is called employee induction.

Induction can be defined as “The HRM function that systematically and formally introduces new employees to the organization, the jobs, the work groups to which they will belong and the work environment where they will work.” According to the above definition it is needed to plan a good orientation program for the new employees. Then the new comers will know what they need to do and what the expected things is organization expecting from them. So that mutual understanding will helps to the new employee to survive in the organization at the beginning. And also induction program will introduce the new employee to the organization and vice versa.

It is a systematic attempt to introduce the new employee to the organization, the relevant department, the relevant job and the relevant personnel. Also new employee will know who are his/her superiors, subordinators and peers. So then the new employee will knows at least from whom he/she may need to get help. Good induction programme is the basement of mutual understanding pr all parties.

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