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Monday, October 12, 2009


Employee induction programs will reduce the reality shock and cultural shock of the new employee in short period. New employees are having dreams about some organization and the cultures, but the actual situation may not be the same as they are thinking. That unexpected situation will make shock in the employees mind and that may cause not to have well efficient of the employee. Not only the efficiency, but also it may cause to increase the working stress of the new employee, and some times it may cause to new labor turn over too. Some times the organizational culture may not match with the new employees’ expectation. That may cause to make many of conflicts and problems at the organization, among working groups. Assume if there is have a conflict between a group of new employees who are having educational qualifications than others with high class and a group of employees who are having well experience in the industry with lower class of the society. Both of parties have different cultures. (Assume the experienced management level educated employees have worked with this all labors with peace and mutual understanding) Manage this conflicts is not easy at the middle level, mean after this happened. If there were a proper induction program has practiced and these two cultures have introduced to each others. Then they will understand the importance of they are being at the organization as a one group. This is possible to have in both individuals and groups.
Induction is helps to employee to adapt to the organization easily in short period. This will help to reduce the labor turnover as describes at above. Inductions helps to make expectation on people

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